Mwenze Trading, is an international import/export company. Our focus is on high quality, superior and globally made products and materials at competitive prices in the marketplace.

Based in the United Arab Emirates, Mwenze Trading as strategically positioned itself next to Jebel Ali Port, to enable smooth and efficient procedures of consolidating its goods for shipment.

For Buyers

We can offer our clients consolidation services, relieving the pressure of ordering full container loads of a single product at once.

For Suppliers

We handle everything from transportation and insurance logistics to foreign currency payments.

Where we trade

With many years of experience in import and export procedures, Mwenze Trading thoroughly understands the challenges

Our Services

Trade management

Moving goods across international borders is a complex and challenging activity from a logistical perspective, let alone from a customs and trade regulatory perspective, especially in Asia. The rules and compliance requirements which, on the one hand, may be viewed as opportunities can also be viewed as challenges posing a significant risk to companies. Our team and network combines regional oversight with national expertise to help manage trade compliance through conducting productive self-assessment, implementing best-in-class standard operating procedures, training and securing advance rulings.

Trade Consulting

With many years of experience in import and export procedures, Mwenze Trading thoroughly understands the challenges and unforeseen penalties for improper export controls. We strongly believe that correct tariff classification of goods is a major key component of trade compliance and that all products must have a value for customs purposes. Understanding our level of trade compliance has enabled us to develop a well-designed compliance program that is essential to reducing risk and thus enhancing our reputation with customs authorities, which in turn improves our supply chain efficiency.

Logistics Consolidation

With over a decade in international trade, Mwenze Trading has tested programs that continuously research innovative ways of understanding and growing the knowledge of our logistics, supply chain management and general business. We are always looking to improve our skills, attitudes and knowledge to enable us to contribute to organizational objectives at any level.


Mwenze Trading offers you customized buying solutions. We source, oversee and deliver goods on demand to our customers around the world, making purchasing from Asian countries and the United Arab Emirates easier, safer and more efficient.


“Prioritizing the commitment and passionate desire to contribute to social and economic growth of the African community.”